How we work

How We Work

Web, software, and mobile application development encompass more than just lines of code. At SuperTek, we employ a well-defined strategy to ensure the success of your projects. This strategy has been our guiding light since the days when we were just three developers sharing a table, and it has consistently delivered results. However, we don’t rest on our laurels; we refine and enhance it each year to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of technology. In our strategic approach, the most vital components are the end product and our client’s needs and satisfaction. We prioritize meeting our clients’ requirements while going the extra mile to support their growth and success.
How we work

Our Process

Definition, Discovery & Scope

Comprehending your business, vision, and expectations forms a crucial aspect of our web development process. We collaborate closely with you to discern the project intricacies, define the features, functionalities, content categories, aesthetic prerequisites, technical considerations, timeline, and other specific requirements.

Site Mapping &

In the case of intricate websites, we employ wireframes as a tool to chart the structure and navigation flow of your project, ensuring clear comprehension of the relationships between pages and content. Additionally, this process aids in pinpointing the content’s nature and origin for the website.


Once the features, functionalities, and other specifications have been established, we progress to the design phase. The duration of this stage may vary depending on the project’s intricacy. However, we persist in the design process until we have crafted a product that aligns perfectly with your satisfaction and expectations.

Testing & Training

We engage in thorough tinkering and testing to guarantee that all components are functioning as needed, ensuring that your product, the website, is fully prepared for its online debut on the worldwide web. In addition, we provide comprehensive training on the usage of the website’s content management system (CMS), empowering you to efficiently manage and edit the website in accordance with your evolving business needs.


Upon receiving design approval, we dive into the core development of your website. Our team employs industry-best coding practices to craft a pristine, search engine-friendly website. We maintain a vigilant focus on adhering to these standards throughout the development process.


However, the launch of your website, software, or app marks just the beginning of our ongoing commitment. We offer complimentary technical support for a specified duration and remain at your service to implement any necessary additions and enhancements as your needs evolve.

Maintenance & Support

Your website typically serves as the initial introduction to your identity and activities. Our webmaster services are dedicated to ensuring that it remains current, offering precise, updated, and well-structured information on pages that load swiftly. In addition, we provide an exceptional six months of free technical support, a unique offering. Furthermore, we offer cost-effective support and maintenance for your mobile applications and software to cater to your specific needs.

SEO & Marketing

Your website serves as the initial introduction to your identity and activities. With our webmaster services, we ensure that it remains current, featuring accurate, well-organized information on pages that load swiftly. Additionally, we provide an exceptional offer of six months of FREE technical support, a service unmatched in the industry. Moreover, we extend our support and maintenance services to your mobile and software at an affordable and reasonable price point.
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Methodology We Follow

Agile Methodologies

The Agile methodology has become our preferred instrument for instilling order and efficiency into the development process, whether we commence a project from the ground up or collaborate on enhancing an existing one.


Scrum serves as our key approach in tackling intricate, adaptable challenges while ensuring efficient product delivery. Scrum is ideally suited for substantial projects with high complexity when:
  • Project requirements are unclear, and the client prefers to initiate development with gradual product improvement.
  • Requirements are expected to evolve throughout the development journey.
  • The client and service provider engage in proactive discussions and adjustments to project requirements, aiming for the optimal outcome.


Kanban enables us to offer our clients the benefits of Scrum while mitigating certain limitations. Kanban is a suitable choice when:
  • The client operates a large enterprise system with an extensive legacy codebase.
  • The development team exceeds the recommended 3-9 members in the Scrum methodology.
  • On-demand planning and task estimation can be implemented to prioritize actual coding, saving valuable time.

Easy Understanding Of Our Process

Easy understanding of our process

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