How we work

How We Work

There is more to web, software and mobile application development than just the code. At SuperTek, we use a well-defined strategy to make your projects work. We have been using this strategy ever since we were three developers on a table and it has always worked; though we have been improving it every year by year to keep up with the dynamicity of technology. In our strategy, the most important assets are the final product and the client’s needs and satisfaction. We make sure that our client’s requirements are met, and also take an extra mile to help them scale-up

How we work

Our Process

Definition, Discovery & Scope

Understanding your business, your vision and your expectations is an integral part of the web development process. We work with you to identify the project details and determine the features, functions, content categories, aesthetic requirements, technical implications, timeline, and other specifications.

Site Mapping &

For complex sites, we use wireframes to map out the architecture and flow of your project to ensure that everyone understands how pages and content relate to one another. We will also use this process to identify the nature and source of all the content for the website.


Once the features, functions and other specifications are defined, we move on to the design stage. The time required for this phase will vary depending on the complexity of the project but we keep designing until you are happy with what we produce

Testing & Training

We tinker and test to ensure that everything is working as required and that your product, the website is ready for the (world-wide-web). We also train you on how to use the website’s content management system (CMS) so that you can manage and edit the website according to the changing needs of your business


Upon approval of the design, we move on to the meat and potatoes of your website. We write code using the best industry practices to produce a clean, search engine friendly website. We also make sure to keep


But the launch of your website, software or an App is not the end of our commitment. We provide free technical support for a period of time and are always available to make additions and improvements, as required.

Maintenance & Support

Your website is often the first introduction that anyone gets about who you are and what you do. Our webmaster services will help to make sure that it is kept up-to-date with accurate, fresh, properly organized information on pages that load quickly. We also offer six months of FREE technical support. Nobody does that! Also, we will provide you with support and maintenance for your Mobile and Software at a very reasonable and affordable price.

SEO & Marketing

If won`t stop here for you. If you build it, will they come? Not really! Not if they can’t find you on Google. We provide a range of online marketing services to help make your site visible on the major search engines and in local search directories for terms that are relevant to what you do.

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Methodology We Follow

Agile Methodologies

Agile methodology has become our favourite tool for bringing order and efficiency to the development process no matter if we start it from scratch or engage with an existing project to improve it.


Scrum helps us to address complex adaptive problems, while productivity delivering products. Scrum is the best fit for the large projects of high complexity if:

The project requirements are not clear yet or the client wants to start the development and gradually improve the product

  • The requirements are likely to change in the course of the development process
  • Client and service provider proactively discuss and adjust project requirements to achieve the best possible result


Kanban allows us to provide our clients with all the advantages of Scrum while eliminating some of its drawbacks. Kanban can be a good fit when:

  • The client has a large enterprise system with a huge amount of legacy code
  • The development team is larger than 3-9 members recommended by the Scrum methodology
  • On-demand planning and tasks estimation can be introduced in favour of saving timefor actual coding

Easy Understanding Of Our Process

Easy understanding of our process

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