Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

“Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts it as a real environment.”

SuperTek can handle any kind of Virtual Reality project starting from basic VR environment set up large scale VR projects even combining machine learning with VR. Give us a shout and let’s meet up to discuss how we can help you win your marketing game.

Augmented Reality and virtual reality

It has emerged gradually as the revolutionary way of carrying out simulation which presents a virtual world in front of the wearer of VR headset. It primarily alters the vision and hearing of the participant to recreate a real-life environment. Virtual reality programs are developed using Virtual Reality Modelling Language. VR technology can be used to enhance the video and computer games, entertainment, as well as create virtual simulations to train for real-life activities 

such as flying aeroplanes. It enables us to experience anything, anywhere, anytime. It is the most fascinating type of reality technology, ever thought of tricking your brain? Virtual Reality can influence the human brain that it is somewhere which it is really not. Even the largest tech companies like Google, Facebook is investing billions of dollars on VR technologies proving VR is the next big thing.


SuperTek offers virtual reality-based services and solutions for various applications such as

  • Maintenance training
  • Operational training
  • Product manual
  • Gaming
  • Product visualization
  • Concept visualization
  • Interactive walkthrough
  • Interactive learning content

Benefits of Virtual Reality

  • Innovation in the field of medicine (an example is the use of VR for therapy of stress and anxiety-related disorders)
  • Better quality delivery in the construction industry (Effectively used for creating 3-D designs and walkthroughs by architects)
  • Transformation in the education sector (by enabling interactive and fun learning for students using audio-visual learning tools)
  • Cost reduction for corporates by eliminating the need to travel (facilitates meetings, training, workshops). Companies are also using VR-based training to give employees a fell of real-life situations and how to deal with them.
  • New services in the media industry (users can enjoy live streaming of events, tournaments, and concerts comfortably at home)
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What is Augmented Reality?

“Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real-time.”

Augmented Reality is an upcoming and fast-growing technology. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in the sense that it doesn’t replace the actual world with a virtual world but adds to the real world by overlaying digital content over the real world. It can be experienced through AR glasses, mobile applications or head-mounted devices. By empowering your mobile application with Augmented Reality (AR) it is possible to effectively reach out to millions of users. The trend of mobile apps & devices augmenting the reality in our vicinity is on the rise and your business can be a forerunner of the trend to brighten your business prospects. AR is becoming extremely popular as it can be used to blend digital elements into the real world. For instance, it is implied to display score overlays on telecasted games, pop out emails and messages, holograms, etc.

What is Augmented Reality?

Types of Augmented Reality

SuperTek can undertake any Augmented Reality project regardless of the size of it. Let us know what you have in mind and we will sit with you to assess and give further recommendations to help you make it a reality.

  • Marker-based Augmented Reality
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality
  • Projection-Based Augmented Reality
  • Superimposition Based Augmented Reality


SuperTek offers augmented reality-based services and solutions for applications such as

  • Maintenance training
  • Product manual
  • Gaming
  • Architectural designing
  • Product trial
  • AR Shopping
  • AR Museum
  • AR Bookcontent

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Innovation in the movie and gaming industry ( Provide a unique experience for customers with high-quality, engaging content)
  • Higher revenues for the retail industry (By creating AR stores and markets. Customers will be able to try clothes without wearing them!)
  • Reduction in cost of training using Augmented Reality simulators – Pilots can learn flying, and doctors can perform surgeries
  • Promotes travel and tourism industry by enabling new experiences to visitors in locations like museums
  • Reduction in waste in the manufacturing sector (By providing visualisation aid to automobile designers who can place virtual parts on a real car body and see how the final product will look)

How Does use of AR and VR Benefits your Businesses?

The following are the top five benefits of augmented reality technology and virtual reality technology:

Improved Information

One of the chief benefits of augmented reality apps is that it allows the businesses to provide the user with added information about the services offered. With detailed information regarding the product, space, and material, prospects are more likely to trade with the company. Moreover, with the virtual reality apps, customers can efficiently retrieve valuable information about the characteristics of the product and its use, all in real-time.

Effortless Visualization

AR app development companies and VR app development companies help businesses to create a visual representation of their product. This allows their consumers to assess the product in a personalized context where they can modify their features such as size or colour to suit their requirements. For instance, in the fashion industry, boutiques and design stores can update the colour, texture as well as the design of the garment to match the tone of their customer.

Enhanced User Experiences

Another significant benefit of incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality within your business is that it offers exceptional user experience. Buyers can make well-informed purchasing decisions irrespective of their time-zone or location. Moreover, the efficient blend of these technologies allows self-reliant users to analyze the product on their own while ensuring effective virtual interaction between the consumer and the seller.

Boosts Brand Awareness

A business equipped with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are always sought-after by customers and potential users. There are several AR Companies and VR Companies that are capable of creating unmatched marketing tactics using these technologies to boost visibility into their business. Moreover, companies that adopt innovative technologies always remain favourite amongst the clients as they believe the service provider to be up-to-date with the changing trends.


Augmented reality apps and Virtual reality apps are an incontestable method to reach a more technophile community and sway them from the competition towards their product. With the assistance of the top augmented virtual reality companies businesses can introduce their services to the customers and infuse the brand in the memory of the users. The use of AR headsets to allow potential buyers to see the final construction of a house during its construction phase is one of the most definitive augmented reality examples.

Industries We Serve On AR/VR?

The following are the most prominent industries that are being revolutionized using Augmented reality and Virtual reality


The top AR companies are already changing the education system on numerous levels. Augmented reality can assist students to analyze abstract concepts by studying objects into three-dimensional models, encouraging them to focus better while motivating them to study.

Virtual reality companies are building VR platforms especially for classrooms that allow students to take guided tours of world-renowned cities as well as inaccessible places like deep ocean and space. Moreover, with technology devised by Virtual reality applications companies, institutions can also train their staff to better educate students. VR technology offers the apprentices advanced visuals enabling them to efficiently absorb lessons. 


The best Augmented reality companies have helped design AR solutions that enable medical practitioners in providing consultation and treating patients remotely. Augmented reality app companies also empower doctors to map mandatory movements recommended for physical therapy.
Whereas, Virtual reality development companies are essential in creating VR apps that can help ailing patients with chronic pain. For instance, a Virtual reality app called ‘Snow World’ is used to distract severe burn victims from the pain by immersing them in a calming virtual realm. VR technology can also help people tackle phobias such as fear of heights, crowds, insects, etc.

Real Estate

By incorporating AR/VR technology, the real estate industry can perceive a boost in its trade. The best Augmented reality software can help realty proprietors to seamlessly merge physical and virtual experiences. It organizes interactive walkthroughs of the site along with instant delivery of important information regarding the project.

Virtual reality allows prospects to virtually visit the property and finalize the purchase, contrary to just looking at images. Moreover, with the help of Virtual reality applications companies, architects can get VR apps developed which hold the capability to exhibit their plans and designs to clients. This will ensure that there are no miscommunications during the conception of the project.


AR/VR technology has displayed huge potential for the tourism industry. While Virtual reality technology allows people to visit a location ‘virtually’, Augmented reality app companies have designed AR solutions that let users merge the location with the current realm. This could help potential travelers decide which attractions to visit as well as which hotel to stay in.

Augmented reality can also be further developed to improve the Global Positioning System (GPS) to correctly analyze routes, traffic, diversions, etc. Augmented virtual reality companies have also designed apps that can automatically translate signs, allowing travelers to easily move across foreign countries even with little to no knowledge of the local language. One of the most common augmented reality examples is Yelp, which displays nearby cafes and restaurants using its Monocle option.


Hiring AR companies to design an AR marketing solution can help businesses curate a personalized experience for their consumers, thereby enhancing growth in user engagement metric as well as boosting brand recognition. AR apps empower consumers to virtually try the product before buying.

With VR marketing, businesses can deliver their products right to the doorsteps of consumers. Moreover, virtual reality creates a sense of excitement in the minds of their

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