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Download as PDF Printable version. Browse By Ash Freddy vs. It instantly doubles all of Ash’s weapon damage and makes him lose health slower.


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And he is willing to use his flea-bitten carcass as anything, from a tiki torch to a bowling ball, to get his revenge. Join Ash and Sam as they battle evil-and each other-killing anything dead that moves with everything from harpoon guns to flame throwers to the world famous chainsaw and shotgun combination special.

Concept Art. Unlockable Extras. The parts of the game where you control Sam will especially put your path finding skills to test. There are a handful of boss fights that will require some thinking to figure out how you can overcome the challenge.

The solutions will often be immediately obvious, however Evil Dead Regeneration certainly benefits from having more to the game than an endless slaughter of deadites.

Unfortunately, the game does suffer from a series of technical problems that seriously hinder the experience. Playing through the PC version of the game, you are almost assured to take at least one unsolicited trip back to your desktop with a nasty error message on your screen.

Sometimes the game will seem to load successfully only to have you realize that the controls are locked, leaving you unable to move. With Ash stuck in place, you will have no choice but to reset the game. And a personal favorite, once after loading the game during the final boss fight, Ash was completely impervious to damage, making what is supposed to be the last big challenge of the game a complete joke!

On top of these three huge glaring problems encountered on the PC version, the game has a few minor clipping issues. Finally, on rare occasions the harpoon gun seems to have problems getting to the enemies it should be able to reach.

None of the technical problems occur very often. However, there is still a solid chance that you will encounter each of them during the short game.

The game should have been released in a much more stable state. Evil Dead Regeneration also suffers from a degree of repetitiveness in level design. Ash’s journey involves finding and sealing a series of portals that open up when Reinhard unleashes the power of the Necronomicon. Blocking the way to each of these portals is a special creature Ash cannot defeat by normal means.

Instead, he has to find three spirits and feed them to the creature. The spirits are trapped inside eggs Ash will have to locate. Once the egg is destroyed, Sam has to absorb the spirit that was trapped within. Ash then has to watch over Sam as he rushes back to the gatekeeper creature. The sequence ends as Ash kicks Sam into the creature’s mouth to feed it.

Upon repeating the process three times, the creature falls asleep. Sam and Ash can literally walk through the creature at this point to get to the portal. Now in a game based on the Evil Dead movies, there is nothing wrong with how ridiculous and downright silly all of this sounds. It is over-the-top in a way that is very fitting for the Evil Dead setting. Evil Dead: Regeneration Gameplay Movie 3 Ash begins his journey to redemption–in his own eyes, anyway–by plugging away at hospital orderlies possessed by foul spirits from the beyond.

Evil Dead: Regeneration Gameplay Movie 1 The game starts you off with a simple tutorial on controlling Ash and fighting evil incarnate. Use your keyboard! She can use her bow to shoot a crossbow, which allows her to pick up a large variety of items, as well as damage the enemies. She also gets a powerup that can turn her into a werewolf, and lets her do some crazy things. When things get too tough, Ashe can use her skills to take down enemies that would be too much for her to handle.

She can do this by holding down the button that lets her unleash a fireball, which helps to take down those really tough enemies. The game does have a few issues, but they are small things that are not hard to overcome. For instance, the game does not give much information to the players regarding the story.


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Evil Dead Regeneration. Developer: Cranky Pants Games. Publisher: THQ. Platforms: Sony Playstaion 2, Microsoft XBOX, PC. Genre: Action/Adventure. Release Date: Walkthroughs: GameFAQs. Enter an all-new Evil Dead experience, as Ash finds himself arrested, convicted of murder, and sentenced to Sunny Meadows, and institute for the criminally insane. May 15,  · Evil Dead: Regeneration is one of those games. This game was created by Cranky Pants Games, a company that creates games based on classic horror franchises such as Evil Dead and Friday the 13th. The premise of the game is that the evil that came out of the dead wood was so foul and powerful, that it has spawned a new set of undead that is now out to . Evil Dead: Regeneration is a game in which the gameplay is observed from a third person view. It alludes to the movies of the same name. The player takes on the role of Ashley Ash J. Williams. The main character is accused and convicted of the murder of several people and sent to a prison intended for insane criminals.

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